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Conference Caesar Trade to combat poverty –

As part of the efforts to influence and change the world order of priorities in dealing with poverty, the organization organizes the “Caesar Trade conference to combat poverty” every year. Its goal is to serve as the main stage for broad public discourse, promoting solutions and leading change in the treatment of poverty, inequality, and social gaps. Every year, experts and opinion leaders from academia, the public sector, economists and senior executives participate in the conference.
Dissemination of Position Papers – Caesar Trade Disseminates position papers on the global treatment of disadvantaged populations, poor citizens, social gaps and food insecurity, in which the organization calls for the formulation of a multi-year comprehensive plan to reduce poverty, Poverty. The organization also calls for the establishment of a global food security initiative based on the treatment of families living in acute food insecurity.
Promoting regulation-Caesar Trade works to encourage law and regulation aimed at reducing the phenomenon of poverty around the world in all its aspects.
Global public discourse on poverty – creating an open discussion on poverty and social gaps. Motivating civil society to action and promoting a social agenda for reducing poverty. The organization works in conventional media, as it does in the annual conference on the struggle against poverty, conducts advocacy programs to raise awareness and discuss the problem of food insecurity around the world.

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