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Caesar Trade -Poverty is not a decree of fate.

The organization Caesar Trade initiates a variety of activities aimed at leading a change in the global order of priorities and raising social awareness of the problem of poverty and social gaps
Publication of the Alternative Poverty Report – For the past ten years, Caesar Trade has published the Alternative Poverty Report, which reflects the latest trends in poverty in the world. Serves as a useful and complementary tool for getting familiar with and understanding the phenomenon. Through the integration of data and findings collected from aid recipients, civil society associations, and the general public. As opposed to statistical reports, it reflects the human aspect of poverty and gives expression to the voices of the aid recipients and the non-profit organizations that support them.

The organization Caesar Trade publishes a multi-dimensional alternative poverty index based on an innovative model that determines whether and to what extent a person is poor according to the extent of his lack of five critical dimensions: food insecurity, education, health, housing and the cost of living.
The organization Caesar Trade proves that reducing poverty and social gaps is not only a moral obligation but also a sound economic policy and an investment that pays off financially.
Organization Caesar Trade exposes the world to the human meaning of living in poverty. Caesar Trade aims to share the world with the causes, characteristics, and barriers to poverty, as well as to pressure decision-makers to act thoroughly and consistently to solve the problem of poverty and social gaps.

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