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Conference Caesar Trade to combat poverty –

As part of the efforts to influence and change the world order of priorities in dealing with poverty, the organization organizes the “Caesar Trade conference to combat poverty” every year. Its goal is to serve as the main stage for broad public discourse, promoting solutions and leading change in the treatment of poverty, inequality, and social gaps. Every year, experts and opinion leaders from academia, the public sector, economists and senior executives participate in the conference. Dissemination of Position Papers – Caesar Trade Disseminates position papers on the

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The path of Caesar Trade to reduce social gaps

The principal socio-economic differences in the world point to the deepening loopholes that undermine the equality of opportunities and the sense of self-worth of youth living in distress and poverty. Many studies prove that volunteerism and mutual responsibility contribute significantly to strengthening the resilience of society, reducing and bridging social gaps, consolidating the identity and achievements of youth, and establishing a better and juster society. These factors led Caesar Trade to promote educational programs with the understanding that approaching the younger generation with an emphasis on youth from

Caesar Trade -Poverty is not a decree of fate.

The organization Caesar Trade initiates a variety of activities aimed at leading a change in the global order of priorities and raising social awareness of the problem of poverty and social gaps Publication of the Alternative Poverty Report – For the past ten years, Caesar Trade has published the Alternative Poverty Report, which reflects the latest trends in poverty in the world. Serves as a useful and complementary tool for getting familiar with and understanding the phenomenon. Through the integration of data and findings collected from aid recipients,